New workout posting site...

Hi folks! We have moved on to an actual group here in Corvallis; check out our garage team fun at:



Dippy Helen

Not to bad for 6 am...

400 m run
21 kb swings
12 pullups
12 dips

Ray: 13:04
Kate: 13:24

Thought about making this a 5x and changing the kb to 12 swings, but stuck with a more Heleny approach.


Sick and wedding

Saw a DO for a spine issue I am having after dropping 185 lbs on my back this winter. Then I had the flu for a week but am better now. And then had a bridal shower. None of this is good for CF; espeically with the discovery that I really shouldn't lift heavy weights until my spine can be fixed.

But, back at it. Do what you can!

Kate and Josh Love:
800 m run
200 team squats
100 team pushups
50 team pair pullups
25 burpees (w/o pushup)
800 m run

As a team of two, complete the excercises. Only one person can be moving at a time.


Park Ranger Workout

Did Tabata That with my mom the park ranger and her park ranger friends. Love it.

pistol squat (right leg pain)-8


Max pullups! and sub Annie

Kate and Josh had us do max pullups, and I (Rachel) got a PR: 29. I could have poked my eye out for not getting 30, but my hands were failing and my last attempt was not a full pullup. Next time.

Then Annie, but since I have not masted the double under, we subbed 3:1 normal jumps to doubles. 12:14



Well, I tried to do Fran, but I ended up straining my quad from (what else) yoga...too much stretching.

So subbed 95 lb power cleans for thrusters. Not as hard. Should have added burpees into the mix. But, still fun.

power clean

Rachel- 8:36


Fun, fun, with run, run.


400 m run
21 kb swings (35 lbs)
15 knees to elbows
9 pushups

Rachel: 12:36